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Leather Repair South Florida
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Our amazing story

LeatherTech USA

LeatherTech was established in 1984 and has developed a line of products, techniques and training that are superior to any other Leather Repair comapny in South Florida. Our Leather Repair Company includes refinishing, repairing, vinyl, and even plastics. LeatherTech specializes in yachts, planes, vehicles, restaurants booths, and antique cars.

Our company has maintained an outstanding business relationship with dealerships, captains, and our private cliental for well over 30 years! We are proud of our reputation, the quality workmanship, and the durability and longetivity of all our jobs. Leathertech is committed to being the leader in leather restoration technology through South Florida. With over 10 Locations. Call (561) 809-6653 or (561) 306-4181 for your FREE ESTIMATE.

Business Opportunities

Looking to start your own business? LeatherTech has been servicing South Florida for over 35 years. Our main office is located in South Florida and we offer hands on, on-site training for a period of 6-8 weeks. We offer a variety of leather services for automotive, residential, commercial, and marine interiors. Our leather repair technicians provide mobile services for leather repair, restoration, recoloring, re-upholstery, and rejuvenation. Our training includes all sorts of products and tools you will need to make a wide variety of repairs. We offer a unique training experience to provide different options of services. Call (561) 809-6653 or (561) 306-4181 For Further Details.